Good news for those of you who wanted the continually scrolling captchas

I only really got one request for this so far from a person called “Female Abs” here, but I know at least 443 people want these continually scrolling captcha codes:

Today 443 people want continually scrolling captcha codes

Today 443 people want continually scrolling captcha codes

Although maybe the same person has asked for the continually scrolling captchas on lots of different blogs, maybe? But I am thinking that it does seem like something many people would probably want me to make and therefore I went ahead and already have put it on the right side of this blog here for all of you.

I will try to keep adding more of them for all of you so that we don’t run out. Also if you can let me know how many captcha codes you want I will try to keep track and make sure that I have enough of them put into that scrolling area.

Also here is what I made the continually scrolling captcha area with in case you want to put some scrolling captchas on your blog too like I did.

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7 Responses to Good news for those of you who wanted the continually scrolling captchas

  1. Harry Nap says:

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  2. today news says:

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  3. I think the article reminds us again of the simple things to do to improve a practice. I’ve yet to see a doctor (or personally) receive a patient’s anger for being late or bad things happening around the office. Patients yell at just about anyone and everyone except the doctor. So I agree with the Doc being the calming influence around the office.Also, this brings up the consumer vs. patient debate. I don’t know if they are mutually exclusive, but I don’t like the idea of “consumer” because if the company doesn’t give you what you want, you go somewhere else. Well, I’m sure that my refusal to hand out antibiotics for sinus infections, colds, and earaches may cost me a few patients (maybe ones that I wouldn’t want in my practice anyway or maybe it’s just that I do a poor job of convincing people they don’t need them [usually], thanks standard of care!) 25 years later, I would be interested to see an xray of each of your knees- the normal one and the ACL deficient one. I bet there are significant side to side differences.Activity modification is still a viable option for an ACL tear in the right patient/setting. But 25 years ago, the surgery was different, the technology (implants) were different and most surgeons would have kept you in the hospital 3-5 days (and some even would have put you in a cast up to your hip for 6 weeks after this operation.)

    • Jack says:

      Hi Ask The Doctor,

      Can you tell me your address so I can send you xrays of my knees 25 years from now?


      Also, I’m OK with yelling at the doctors, because like my Grandma used to say, “If you can’t yell at a doctor, who CAN you yell at?”

      I’m not sure of the answer though. But my Grandma did yell a lot, especially when I chased her around the house with my sister’s favorite doll.

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