Future Posts I Might Not Make Sometime Later – Part 1

Sometimes I look about inside of WordPress and find many posts to make later on in the future that probably I might forget about doing ever at all really. What I figured out about is that maybe they don’t get made because they are hiding inside of the WordPress site here and not made into a list outside of it.

So, this post is made here mostly for me, but it’s OK if you want to look at it or even read it if you want to, too.

Alternative Joke Constructions

This one is one in draft mode, but there’s nothing in it that I wrote except “Alternative Joke Constructions” so I think it means I have to wait until I write the post for me to find out about what it’s about.

An Open Letter To Mark Spitz

This is one where I demand to know about from Mr. Spitz if some sort of trick-photography was used for making him win Olympic medals.

Bullet Points

This is one where all I put was “asdf” so I think maybe I’m going to summarize those letters somehow with bullet points, maybe?

Dan Kennedy Admits To Hiding The Gold

It’s a step by step proof about Dan Kennedy colluded  with scientest to hide gold and then go about destroying the economy. I think some people who got too confused with the first post about scientist hiding the gold will think it makes more sense after my Dan Kennedy post.

Danny Sullivan Hates My Friends

I found out something bad about a man named Danny Sullivan – and it’s that he wants me to start wars with my friends with having me banning my blog-comment friends SearsCard, Discount Ugg Boots and MP3 player.

I have other ones I don’t want to make any summary for right now, but this is what I’m thinking about all the time:

Enemy Infographic
Forgotten book could lead to global economic recovery
Free Royalty Free Music For Movies And Videos
Fun word games for you to play
How Email Marketing Works With A Bank Account You Have
How To Make Money With Memes
How To Measure Intent
How To Outwit The Competition With An Eleven Pronged Approach
How To Pray Enigmatically
How To Solve It
How to fix education
I have too many friends online
Jack’s Commencement Speech
Little Known Mathematician Discovers Brand New Geometric Shape
Mobile Monopoly review
My Friends
My Life Is Passing Before My Eyes
Mythical Blog Owners That Probably Don’t Exist
New Page About Ugg Boots
New Research Proves Cats Can SEE In The Dark
Now I can thank people who tell me about Braxea, the Best Spinner and the Auto Blog System X system
Palindrome Post
Reengineering Vocabulary
Reharmonizing Schoenberg
Resume Making Kit
The Myth Of Evolution Vs. Creationism
Things that I didn’t tell you
Unintended Consequences Of Reengineering The Alphabet
V is for Victory
W.C. Fields Lived In A Hole?
Why can’t people agree to disagree?
Why the whole world is going to become invisible except for maybe some holes probably
World To Become Twice As Invisible As Previously Thought

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