How To Make A Horror Movie


  • Cornfield
  • Old movies playing in background
  • Insect buzzing noises
  • Cat (optional)
  • Swearing grandma. If PG you can maybe make her either sweet or fussy or both, too.
  • Lightbulb hanging down that flicker on and off pretty much for no real reason I think.
  • A small child around 6 years old. Can be either boy or girl.
  • Either a dirty bathroom or a ridiculously, immaculately clean one.
  • Farm animals like pigs and chickens. This one is sort of a “cheat”, but it can work well with the cornfield idea.
  • Barking dog
  • Quirky people – you can use regular people, too, but the quirky ones can make it easier to scare people sometimes.
  • Gun, fire, sword, or cross. Can be one or all of these depending on type of horror movie. Also, explosives can be OK for some of the types of movie.

Musical requirements:

  • Some minor 3rds (also, you can use this same recording for any type of action/thriller movie you make but you just have to speed them up).
  • Random xylophone notes.
  • Trombone type melody.
  • If insects-take over the world type movie, you can use some pizzacato string stuff.
  • Warbly electronic-type sounds.
  • Echos of people laughing, talking etc, but no you can’t see them.
  • Nursery rhyme song. Can be with children singing or just instruments.
  • Music box, but don’t use the Music box and the nursery rhyme idea in the same movie unless you want to be the big risk-taker. I just want you to know to prepare for big criticism if you try it.

Dialogue requirements:

  • “Don’t go in the cornfield!” (Obviously).
  • “There’s nothing out there.” Ideally, you can have this said by the same person who said “Don’t go in the cornfield”.
  • Calling the child “boy” and “buddy” in as many scenes as possibles.
  • People walking about saying hi to the child and then told to “go on on” (ideally by same person who said the two cornfield lines.
  • “Were you i those cornfields today?” (Can be said by anybody, but ideally not by the person who said “Don’t go into the cornfield.”)
  • Skeptical dialogue ideas:
    • Sherrif: “I aint going to start no manhunt on something aint nobody” seen.
    • “Oh, let the child have fun with his/her imagination”.

Scene/Set Requirements

  • Cornfield
  • Dinner table setting (so people can eat weirdly and also stare at each other for a while during scees).
  • Dining room or bedroom (for having the old movies it he background).
  • Bar (if you make some sort of action movie, you can use the same bar for that one, too).
  • Church
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8 Responses to How To Make A Horror Movie

  1. Lanna says:

    I think the cornfield is a really good idea for a movie set because it shouldn’t be very expensive. It’s not like going to a ski resort or a beach resort or Paris. Then you will have lots of money left over to try to get Lady Gaga to be in your horror movie. Maybe she could bring those dogs from her video and get them to bark, so then you wouldn’t have to pay to hire barking dogs either.

    I don’t know about the trombones though. Trombones don’t frighten me.

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  4. Dain says:

    These are great observations, and ones I have seen many times in scary and horror films. I especially like the Swearing grandma.

  5. syd says:

    hahaha found you hahaha . Sorry, I have no idea why I’m like this Must be those DR Oz Diet Pills. Or are they Miracle Diet Pills?

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